The Life Skills

The life skills clinics on offer at the JRR are going to be such a highlight! We are so chuffed that we’ve been able to recruit some of the most down to earth, successful humans in our Province, to spread the good news! Kids will have the option to attend at least 2 of the clinics on offer. They will be exposed to engaging and experienced adults who will teach them all sorts of wonderful skills.

Tracey Zunckel

Tracey Zunckel is a farmers wife, and mother of 3. She’s also a trail runner of note, having represented her country on the world stage. Arguably SA’s most experienced woman trail runner, she’ll be telling the kids all about how to run, what to pack, how to train, what to eat….they’ll learn everything trail running!

Pat Morewood

Pat Morewood is the founder of Pyga Mountian Bikes, and an accomplished downhill racer. He, along with his team from Pyga, will be showing the kids all the skills required to be a MTB champion! The kids will learn skills on their bikes, as well as bike maintenance, hydration and training. Kids will be required to bring their MTB with should they wish to sign up for this clinic.

Ant Stott

Ant Stott needs no introduction to anyone who has had anything to do with canoeing. A world marathon champion and multiple Duzi winner, Ant is going to be showing the paddling kids what it takes to stay upright, how to portage and correct stroke technique.

Jen Pretorius

The kids will also meet The Farmers Daughter, Jen Pretorius, hailing from just outside Howick. She will be catering for the event and on the Saturday afternoon will be showing the kids how to make a world class potjie. The kids will then compete in their first potjikos completion, and then eat the spoils for dinner!

Lynda Horne

Lynda Horne is the owner of the Pet Stop at Cascades. She is a qualified vet nurse, and has worked for Hills Pet Nutrition for 20 years. She will be presenting a pet appreciation course – going into detail on what to feed and not to feed your pet, how to train your pet, and how to spot the more common ailments and illnesses that our pets are exposed to.

Brendan Temple

Brendan Temple is the founder of Temple, an Inbound Marketing Agency business that has been going for nearly 14 years. Brendan is going to be chatting to the kids about the world wide web, how it works and what we can expect in the near future. He’s also going to explain how to be responsible when it comes to the minefield of modern social media. 

Frosties Farm

We are also planning a visit to Farmer Frosties’ farm. As our title sponsor, we are excited to have the kids learn a bit more about modern day food production and farming. We’re going to see how hydroponic vegetables are grown in a state of the art facility.

Lee Fuller

Lee Fuller will be teaching the kids some survivor skills….Bear Grylls style! How to make a fire without matches, how to build a shelter, how to find food in the wild, how to make fire with wet wood, how to stay warm and dry in a rainstorm and how to navigate without a compass.

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